Web Pro Manager

Web Pro Manager

Visual management of pages

Drop components on pages

Image and document storage

Multiple site editors and administrators

Templateable front-end

Customizable components

Mobile Templates

Web Pro Manager

Build Your Website Effortlessly

With Web Pro Manager, you can build a full working website under your own domain in minutes. The software lets you intuitively drop content components onto your pages and move them around effortlessly to setup your pages anyway you like. There are no complicated settings or configuration; just create your pages and drop in your content.

Easy For Anyone To Use

Web Pro Manager has an incredibly small learning curve and is even fun to use, unlike many of the other content management systems currently on the market. And best of all… it’s FREE!

  • Visual & fun to use!
  • Intuitive component-based page editing
  • Powerful single website management
  • Completely templateable front-end
  • Support for multiple front-end languages
  • Brandable back-end
  • Create your own content components
  • Installs in minutes
  • Support for mobile site template built-in
  • Administration area in Spanish or English
  • Fully automated updates to software
  • Downloadable themes and components!

Download Web Pro Manager now
Version 1.2 (wpm_v1-2.zip), released: August 5, 2014


PHP5 with GD Library (for image support)

Need a little help?

If you run into any issue during installation or thereafter, please contact us before giving up… we’ll reply quickly (usually within 1-2 hours!) and help as much as possible to get you up and running.

WPM Repository

Looking for different WPM themes & components?
Visit the WPM Repository and customize your site.

More Resources

How to manually update Web Pro Manager

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Default Homepage

Front-end Editor

Back-end Editor

Editing a Single Page

Image Library

Component Library

Included Themes



Web Pro Manager - Release date: April 11, 2011


A special thanks to Bernabe Soliño for translating the back-end to Spanish. Visit his websites here and here.


v.1.2 (8-5-2014) – Added 3 new social components (Facebook & Pinterest) to drop on your pages. Updated the ‘inline_edit.js’ include file. Fixed Components list incorrectly loading System Log. Minor bugfixes and improvements.

v.1.19a (6-13-2014) – Added expanded text component, updated rich-text editor (CKEditor) to ver.4.4.1 to solve Internet Explorer browser issues

v.1.19 (5-22-2014) – Added access control to pages for website users/user groups, added website user login component, bugfixes to image library, minor updates to installer

v.1.18 (1-27-2014) – Updated component system to use JSON configuration files allowing components to have icons and categories, minor bugfixes

v.1.17a (9-11-2013) – Bugfix for memory leak in IE in image library upload, other minor bugfixes and improvements

v.1.17 (9-11-2013) – More image library enhancements and bugfixes, including support for image resizing and cropping with the Zebra_Image PHP library.

v.1.16 (7-26-2013) – Added “expand” function to tall components, added image library enhancements and bugfixes, added manual updater file.

v.1.15 (7-8-2013) – Minor bugfixes and improvements.

v.1.14 (6-6-2013) – Bugfixes to page duplication and image uploading for IIS7+, updated rich-text editor to latest version, other small bugfixes, updated PHPMailer

v.1.13 (4-25-2013) – Updated login for better “Keep me logged in” handling, fixed IE image selection display issues, general bugfixes

v.1.12a (3-9-2013) – Bugfixes, updated component framework

v.1.12 (3-5-2013) – Added “loading” spinner for all AJAX requests, added links to WPM repository in Themes and Components libraries, updated “Page Link” in components to allows for direct links to files in your Document Library, fixed multiple dialog bug on “Edit Component” multiple click, fixed bug in rich-text editor

v.1.11c (2-8-2013) – Various bugfixes for bugs introduced in v.1.11b

v.1.11b (2-5-2013) – Added support for servers without php_gettext with the addition of PHP-gettext, bugfixes for installations under Windows

v.1.11a (1-8-2013) – Hotfix for image uploading issue

v.1.11 (1-7-2013) – Initial plugin support (plugins coming soon!), bugfixes

v.1.10 (12-22-2012) – Major back-end interface redesign with multiple enhancements, made sorting of pages and components less invasive, removed annoying timeout popup when logged out, renamed sections to folders and fully integrated into Pages area, removed sections area, added multi-file image and document uploaders, only GD Library now required for installation and usage, updated Spanish translations

v.1.06 (10-17-2012) – Added new “image gallery” component, updated back-end Spanish language file, bugfixes

v.1.05 (10-9-2012) – Major stability improvements and performance enhancements, bugfixes, installer updates

v.1.04 (10-5-2012) – Added full back-end support for Spanish with individual user language preference, added PO file support for future translations, updated database encoding to UTF-8, bugfixes, installer updated

v.1.03a (7-19-2012) – Updated to allow for “short_open_tag = Off” to be set on installed server

v.1.03 (6-12-2012) – Added mobile version if template uses it, added custom functions for components, better image editing capabilities, added support for local installations under XAMPP, updated installer, small enhancements, bugfixes

v.1.02b (3-4-2012) – Updated simple image component with ALT tag field, updated with more intelligent language switching support, bugfixes

v.1.02a (2-20-2012) – Added “Force WWW” to site settings, bugfixes

v.1.02 (1-27-2012) – Switched from Prototype to JQuery universally, added page templates, updated installer, bugfixes

v.1.01d (12-30-2011) – Added Visitor log graph to dashboard, updated installer, bugfixes

v.1.01c (9-23-2011) – Updated Editor page to show full content of components for easier editing, added month-by-month navigation to calendar component, fixed language installation issue

v.1.01b (8-3-2011) – Updated image scripts to search for correct ImageMagick path

v.1.01a (6-17-2011) – Added Permalinks toggle in Site Settings

v.1.01 (6-10-2011) – Added Theme Library and additional “Travel Blog” starter theme, bugfixes

v.1.0c (5-31-2011) – Updated installer, updated FCKEditor integration for Firefox compatibility, added edit bar to front-end, bugfixes

v.1.0b (5-25-2011) – Added Notification component

v.1.0a (5-12-2011) – Added support for nested installations (xyz.com/folder), added Search Results component, added auto-updater, updated installer, bugfixes

v.1.0 (4-1-2011) – First release

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