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Customer Rewards for Shop a la Cart E-Commerce

Customer Rewards

Give one-time customers a reason to return to your Shop a la Cart store by rewarding them! This plugin allows customers to receive rewards for purchases and lets them cash-in those rewards later at checkout:

  • Customers accrue Rewards automatically with every order. Just set how many Rewards you want given for the dollar amount spent under the plugin’s settings.
  • Activate or deactivate the Rewards plugin anytime.
  • See all customers’ rewards at a glance with a “Rewards” column in the Customers list
  • Manually add or remove Rewards from an individual customer’s account… just edit the Customer and click the “Rewards” tab
  • Let your customers cash in the Rewards they’ve earned by setting up Discounts. Just choose a Reward amount when creating a new “at checkout” discount. Your customers will see all available Rewards that match the amount the have during checkout.

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