Largo Cargo

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Largo Cargo is an e-commerce site powered by Shop a la Cart e-commerce. The project involved a full re-design of the site, coding and installation of the new template.

Located in the heart of Key Largo, Largo Cargo has offered the finest in tropical clothing, fine souvenirs, and gifts for seventeen years. Pirate booty, key lime products, dolphin collectibles, island glassware, Caribbean Soul & Jimmy Buffet items, tropical apparel (Panama Jack, Paradise Found, Sportif, Hook & Tackle), Atocha coin & seaglass jewelry, and much, much more!


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  1. Hi Lenny, This design was created for a small business website that runs on top of a Shop a la Cart e-commerce system. The design comes free with the installation of any Shop a la Cart system.

    Our designers will work with your business, just like with this website, to create a full-color layout that matches your business model and best represents the most professional online presence for your company. Once you approve the design, we will template and install it into your ecommerce store and you can get feedback from your customers.

    If you haven’t read about it already, you can view more about Shop a la Cart, and get pricing, at …or contact us anytime to get started.

    Best wishes,


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