Unified Door & Hardware Group

Site Background

The UDHGroup.com website was developed with a simple, professional, and consistent overall feel and incorporated a page navigation which is clean and intuitive. The design also incorporated high-resolution photos of the company’s projects and services, showcasing general information about the holding company, including news and announcements, service offerings, a project portfolio, and general information about each of the companies it owns, as well as their contact information with links to their own website as available. A full-featured management system was added to the finished UDHGroup.com site to provide easy editing by associates of Unified Door and Hardware Group.

About the Company

Unified Door & Hardware Group (UDHG) is the center around which Unified’s distributor companies operate. The carefully selected Companies in our group benefit from UDHG’s solid support and foundation, while they provide customer-facing expertise in Division 8 commercial doors & hardware, and Division 10 products within their individual trading areas throughout the USA.



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