How to manually update Web Pro Manager

Every version of Web Pro Manager comes with an automatic updater which will upgrade your installation to the latest version when logging in to the administration panel.  It does so by detecting an update for your version, downloading the update package, and running the update installer.

Some servers may not be configured to allow for downloading of the update package.  This is particularly true of shared hosting servers like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and 1&1.  If you’re on one of these servers, or if you just can’t seem to get your Web Pro Manager to upgrade, you’ll need to manually do it.

Step-by-step: Manual upgrade of Web Pro Manager

  1. First, backup your entire site, including the database. If anything goes wrong, you can always revert back to your initial state with this backup. This is a critical step!

  2. Now, you’ll need the latest version of the the file update.php.  This file does all of the heavy lifting during the upgrade. If you have WPM version 1.16 or greater, this file already exists in your installation. If not, download it here and upload it to the “manage” directory of your WPM installation.

  3. Next, find out what version of WPM you’re running. To do this, just login to your administration panel and scroll to the bottom of any admin page. You’ll see the version number on the bottom right.

  4. Once you have your version number, download any update packages that were made available after your version. For instance, if you are running version 1.10, download 1.11, 1.11a, 1.11b, etc… until you have all update packages through the latest version. Upload them to the “manage” folder of your WPM instllation.

  5. Visit the manual update page on your site that you uploaded in step #2 (i.e. Choose the update package you want to upgrade to and click the “Update” button. If you don’t see any available packages, go through these steps again and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

  6. Rinse and repeat. For each update package, you’ll need to perform the previous step an additional time until your fully upgraded.

  7. Enjoy your newly upgraded Web Pro Manager!

Available Update Packages (ZIP)

More information on what each upgrade contains can be found on our Changelog.

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